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Hi Gorgeous!

Are you going to make a New Years Resolution to get fit in 2017? Has your biggest struggle been lack of time, energy and feeling like you just don’t know what to do for a workout? Yeah, that was my issue too! But that’s why I’m so excited you’re going to be apart of this FREE 14 Day New You Challenge. JANUARY 1ST -14TH 2017

The #14DayNewYouChallenge is all about CONSISTENCY. So you can prove to yourself you can find time for fitness in your life and kick off 2017 with a major SWEAT SESSION!!

This challenge is all about 30 MIN workouts you can follow along with at home or at your local gym with 2 Active Recovery Days. You’ll receive the 14 Day New You Calendar via email telling you exactly what Beachbody Ondemand workout is scheduled for you!!! Yes, this 14 Day Challenge requires you sign-up and trial Beachbody Ondemand for 14 Days.

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Let’s Make 2017 Your Year!


Hi Girl!! 💕

Did you set a New Years Resolution to “GET HEALTHY IN 2017?”

Do you maybe need to lose 20lbs or more?

Are you ready to make 2017 Your Year??!!

I’m a Momma of two babies, RN, and Health and Fitness Enthusiast!!! I love helping woman work towards their own personal Health and Wellness Goals!!

What I’ve learned over the years is that this is a journey that started for myself 6 years ago!!

It’s not about the quick fix! It’s about working towards better nutrition, changing our mindset, following a plan for our fitness with excitment and consistency!!!

I’ve been helping woman for 2 years now with their weight loss and internal transformation!! I’ve seen inches lost, pounds drop, and confidence boosted!!

That’s why I’ve created the BeYOUtiful Sisterhood!! It takes more than a couple of weeks or months to see real change and create true healthy habits for a lifetime.

The BeYOUtiful Sisterhood is a group for woman to be apart of for an entire YEAR!!

Not just a quick fix, lose a few pounds then put it back on, but instead together we go through REAL LIFE, Peel Back the Layers, Fail and Get back up again and make sustainable changes for a Life Time Together!!

What I’m doing, is looking for 10 woman that I can help mentor throughout the whole year in 2017, build self confidence, get the body they want and the lifestyle I know they’ll enjoy!!

Are you ready? I know I’m ready for you!!

The BeYOUtiful Sisterhood Group 

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Finding it hard to stay motivated and inspired with your Health and Nutrition this Holiday Season?
Join the BeYOUtiful Sisterhood, a group of fearless, fit and fabulous ladies inspiring and encouraging each other during the businest yet most magical time of year!!
We’re a group of ladies that have come together as an Online Community that is looking forward and changing our mindset and bodies everyday. Working towards loving ourselves and being BeY*O*Utiful.
See you soon!!
We have four weeks of fun designed to keep you inspired and motivated. Prep Week, Recipes, Games, Challenges, Superfood Shake for Energy and Weightloss and aweosme Fitness Programs for you to follow at home.
End Strong and Start 2017 Stronger ❤

Carrie xo

You vs. Food

I remember when I would skip breakfast or order a sausage egg and cheese from Dunkin Donuts every morning for my breakfast. 
I felt full and satisfied for maybe an hour or so but then I’d crash and lunch would be a sub with Doritos. Sometimes I’d even skip lunch because I felt so guilty about my breakfast, believing that skipping lunch would keep my calories down and I wouldn’t gain weight. 
I would have so many ups and downs through out my day and not once did I connect these emotional and physical high and lows to my nutrition. 
I thought I was serving my body by eating breakfast and skipping lunch but I all actuality I wasn’t. 
I was cranky, moody, shaky, tired, and little energy. My mind obsessed about food in an unhealthy way. 
Over the past 6 years I’ve had to teach myself how to EAT again and LOVE Myself properly. So I can be a better woman, wife, mother, friend, and business woman!! 
Moms shoot me a private message if this is you now or if your also working on your own journey with You vs. Food !!

Egg Sandwich (that’s it)

Oops forgot to share😬
Breakfast 🍳 took less then 10min to make and it’s FRESH!! Unlike whatever you ordered at the drive thru on your way to work 😘
And FREAKN loaded with PROTEIN! 
1 Foldin Ancient Grain has 10grams of PROTEIN! 

1 Overeasy Egg

1 Slice American Cheese

1 Slice Ham 

1/4 Avocado 
Can you make this??? 

Would you eat this?!

Ham and Cheese Omelette with Cucumber Feta Salad

Ham and Cheese Omelette with Cucumber Feta Salad 

2 Eggs 


1 Slice of Ham 

2 tsbp of Mozzarella Cheese

1 cup chopped Cucumber 

1 tsbp of Feta 

1 tsp of Olive Oil 

Prep: Crack and whip eggs and add water. Place on frying pan and add Cheese and ham. 

Prep: Chop Cucumber and add Feta. Mix together with 1 tsp of olive oil. 

Dear God, please use me to help one more person today.


Practicing as a nurse for 8 1/2 years I saw the hurt and the pain of so many individuals.

I cared for very sick patients on a ventilation unit. I was a new nurse and dealing with death was a part of my job. I had to grow thick skin. I couldn’t bring the pain and sickness of everyone home with me or I wouldn’t of been able to do my job.

As a new nurse, the first month on the job I had to familiarize myself with caring for the deceased, preparing the body and assisting the security guards with bringing the deceased to the morgue. This became a part of my job for the next 41/2.

My nursing career then brought me from working with very ill patients to caring for those in their homes. Patients that weren’t quite in the need of hospitalization and required continued teaching and monitoring at home. As a visiting nurse I also had to discuss plans for palliative care and help families make very difficult decisions to transition to hospice care.

For years I found myself wondering how different my patients lives would have been if healthier lifestyle changes were implemented earlier on.

Would there be less patients dependent upon medications, would they be breathing on their own rather than mechanically ventilated, could the change in their eating habits years before, lowered their risk of heart attack, congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, or kidney and liver failure.

I began to believe it was everyone’s life journey to end up on 4 or more medications later on in life. That hypertension was to be expected as we aged.


Something in me wouldn’t give up the fight to educate healthier habits, ways to implement lifestyle changes even if seemed to late. I’d spend extra hours educating patients on label reading, how nutrition impacts their swelling, congestion, diabetic numbers, and more.

I educated on ways to treat the issue not just masking the issue with medication. I spoke belief into my patients to not give up hope. To still believe they can heal because mindset when someone is ill is very important.

I spoke with the elderly about depression and feeling a loss of control and how to regain control in small, yet impactful ways.

I had a desire to impact change in people, to go beyond the diagnosis. If your wondering why I’m so passionate about health and wellness it’s because I saw the impact not caring for ourselves now WILL IMPACT your future self.

I’m on a mission to help one person a day start an internal change within themselves to life healthier now to change their future in ways they can’t imagine. The average person doesn’t think about death or illness on a regular basis.

Our younger selves doesn’t believe the choices we make in our 20’s will impact or 60’s,70’s and 80’s. Everyone ages and death is inevitable but I want to meet both with a zest and excitement for life and as few trips to the doctor, hospital and need for medication as possible.

Today I pray God changes one person to see that their decisions today WILL and ARE impacting their quality of life later on and to start making changes NOW.

Please let me help just one more person today.


Pasta 🍝 

Let’s use leftovers for supper tonight!! 
1/2 Chopped Onion
1 Red Pepper
1 Chicken Sausage 
1 Chicken Breast
1 Jar Sauce 
1 Box Pasta 
and this meal is 21 Day Fix approved!! Even pasta 🍝 is allowed 😍

Breakfast 🍳 

I’ve missed making breakfast!!
Here’s something special for y’all to make and enjoy!
2 Farm Fresh Eggs

2 Cups of Greens

1 Tbsp Yogurt Blue Cheese Dressing

1 Tbsp of Roasted Almond Slices with Dried Cranberries

1/3 of a Italian Sausage
Mmmmmmm good 😊

Coaching with Passion and Purpose




My heart is so full!! The BeYOUtiful Sisterhood is taking on a life all it’s own and that’s exactly what I envisioned.

Today reading what others are grateful for today and how they’re infusing positivity into their lives and creating true HAPPINESS makes me so thankful and happy inside.

I didn’t realize that as I grew into an adult I pushed down the unique talents and dreams I once had as a child that brought me so much happiness and joy.

Coaching has become so much more than selling a challenge pack or shake it’s brought me back to me and I’ve realized I can use what’s unique about me to help serve others in a way that’s filling and brings me closer to my purpose.

All I ask is that each day I allow God to propel me into my Purpose because truly that’s where I find happiness!